STUDIO DEGA presented the modular exhibition system INFINITYCONST at Euroshop-2014 in Dusseldorf.

The curvilinear design of the stand was like a butterfly.

This glowing, color-changing exhibit system from Studio Dega seems more like a living organism than a staid structure. Comprising a framework of anodized-aluminum extrusions, steel connectors, and magnetically attached LED lights, the exhibit features curvilinear, flexible fabric that ebbs and flows around and over the company’s space.

There was presented truss structure, self-supporting frame-span curved shell collected of a modular exhibition system INFINITYCONST. The curved surface had a height of 6 meters and ceiling area of ​​16 by 9 meters. There were demonstrated the new integrated LED light system and new fabric fillings. Presentation of the innovation unit of light effects with the possibility of remote programming and control by mobile phone.

Visitors could design a curved shell on multitouch screens and be inside the virtual reality OculusRift, using software 3DCreativeSystem.

Created  by STUDIO DEGA an interactive software 3D Creative System allows to design complex curved bionic structure, programming in real-time lighting effects and to make virtual 3D-walk in the just modeled object. The process is fully automated. No special skills needed. All routine work software does itself, shaping is limited only by the imagination of the designer.

This exhibition stand was awarded by the Silver Award in nomination Self Promotion at the International Design Competition EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 29th Annual Exhibit Design Awards (Rochester, New York, USA, 2015).