Natural dynamism

It’s an idea worthy of da Vinci himself – with their elegant curves and easy-to-assemble design, the elements of the modular INFINITYCONST system have made the traditional exhibition stand into an art form. Expressive and powerful, their natural dynamism breathes life into any number of organic forms, including waves, clouds, or even the beauty of a bird in full flight – all backlit in the colour of your choice to echo the pulsing heart of your idea.


Once basic form, unlimited options

The basic form of our modular exhibition system comprises just five triangular modules. Below the surface, a series of steel connecting elements, curved aluminium profiles, textile panels and a built-in LED lighting system make up the skeleton that holds the INFINITYCONST together.


Design as an experience

This website provides two special planning tools to help you design your own INFINITYCONST modular exhibition systems: the 3D CREATIVE SYSTEM for INFINITYCONSTframe and evoCAD for INFINITYCONSTevo. Thanks to their simple, step-by-step process, designing a creative exhibition stand has never been easier – develop biomorphic structures with breathtaking curves, view your draft design in real time complete with lighting effects, then take a 3D tour to check it out from a visitor’s point of view. These planning tools provide the perfect breeding ground for imagination, ideas and ingenuity, turning the entire design process into a creative experience that will leave you hungry to see the final, completed result. What’s more, you don’t even need any previous design experience to use them – all the routine work is handled by the software, leaving you to let your imagination run wild!


Created by STUDIO DEGA




    Modular exhibition system


    Modular exhibition system




Pre-Configured shapes


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